Auditing and Consulting

There are two distinct components to auditing and consulting: the preventive element and the post-incident division. ‘Preventive’ is concerned withg analysis of a company’s potential exposure to security breaches and aims to ensure that incidents do not occur. Meanwhile, ‘post-incident’ is concerned with assessing realized security incidents and revealing flaws in the existing security system. Companies use this information to reinforce their IT security provision.


The auditing and consulting services offered by DSS are among the best in the world. Experts are on hand to assess not only internal threats but also external threats. Based on these findings, it is then possible to enhance the company’s IT security measures in a manner conducive to the company’s specific business processes.


  • Intense auditing of IT security
  • Audit of  IT security control systems
  • Ensures compliance with IT security standards
  • Reveals any vulnerabilities to fraud via the online banking system
  • Assessesthe security capabilities of the IT infrastructure and the processes by which financial services workers operate
  • Evaluation of vulnerabilities and undertaking penetration tests
  • Implementing systems for IT security control and business continuity:
    • IT security monitoring and maintenance systems
    • Computer security incident control systems
    • Design of logging system

IT security is also a pressing concern for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Recognizing this, DSS has developed a range of solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of SMEs.

Open source security system.

This comprises highly effective open source software in conjunction with expert technical support. Based on analysis of more than one hundred freely available software packages, this system reduces the cost of implementing an effective security system, thereby making it affordable for SMEs.

Safe online business.

This unique offering is designed specifically to address the protection of web services including online sales and information portals. DSS protects the Internet presence of SMEs including the hosting service, analysis of any weaknesses in the Internet platform and the creation of a customized security system.

Financial services workers and IT security.

In response to increased concerns about the threat posed by online banking fraud, DSS consultants have designed an IT security architecture specifically for those working in financial services. Many of the threats in this area stem from ill-suited security systems and a lack of awareness of the problem among employees. DSS’s architecture can be deployed either in isolation or as part of a pre-existing security system. Crucially, this package incorporates an educational element, teaching finance employees about the nature of online fraud. This is important because it improves employees’ abilities to detect threats and respond accordingly.

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The company is currently developing a system to combat international cyber crime, which will equip the law enforcement authorities in any jurisdiction to effectively tackle the problem of computer-based malfeasance. Crucially, the technology assists at the most problematic stages of the criminal investigation, including the assemblage of evidence, DDoS protection and web auditing.