Digital Evidence Recovery

Evidence is collected by means of digital data. This ensures that the process is legally relevant and conducted in an appropriate manner, while providing a copy of the information for future investigation. Not only is this necessary in order to adequately analyze the incident but it will also assist with any future criminal case.


  • Preliminary consultation
  • Assessment of the incident scene by a specialist in a timely manner
  • Accumulation of information relating to the incident and identification of storage sources for evidentiary data pertinent to the attack
  • Accumulating evidence in the form of digital data and documenting it in accordance with the requirements of Russian law
  • Preparing the necessary paperwork
  • Consulting with suitably qualified personnel in order to agree appropriate measures for incident counteraction and damage mitigation


Forensic specialists working on an incident collect the necessary digital evidence by seizing and copying the data. At the end of the investigation, the client is issued with the following:

  • Sealed digital data media in a format that is suitable for use in a criminal prosecution
  • Relevant data obtained from the forensic investigation which can then be used as the basis for an internal inquiry of the incident
  • A set of documents confirming that the digital data media was seized and copied

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The company is currently developing a system to combat international cyber crime, which will equip the law enforcement authorities in any jurisdiction to effectively tackle the problem of computer-based malfeasance. Crucially, the technology assists at the most problematic stages of the criminal investigation, including the assemblage of evidence, DDoS protection and web auditing.